Board of Directors:

Name: Daryl McMurray Board Position: Chair
Representing: Georgian Bay Software Title: Owner/Manager
Daryl McMurray is owner of Georgian Bay Software located at 42 Gibson St. Parry Sound. Daryl has been a member of the Downtown Business Association for several years. He started as a business owner who was interested in helping the Downtown to progress while keeping the small town atomsphere. After a couple of years Daryl then accepted the position of Chair, representing the DBA at Council and in the community.
Name: Jim Shaw Board Position: Vice-Chair
Representing: Mr. Electric Title: Owner/Manager
Jim Shaw has lived in Parry Sound for 50 years. For the past twenty years he has been the co-owner with his wife of The Country Gourmet that has been located in the DBA for five years. He has also owned Mr. Electric for the past seven years. Mr. Electic relocated into the DBA three years ago. Jim wants to help the DBA promote more business downtown.
Name: David Coles Board Position: Treasurer
Representing: Country Gourmet Title:
David Coles has lived in the Parry Sound area for 34 years. He was worked in retail sales almost his entire career, most of which was in the downtown area. David currently works at Georgian Bay Software. David is also the Commanding Officer for the 295 MacPherson Air Cadet Squadron. David joined the DBA board to help rejuvenate and revitalize the downtown area. A vibrant downtown effects employees as well as business owners. He would like to see increased participation of business owners in the downtown.
Name: Sue Sullivan Board Position: Secretary
Representing: Jeans Unlimited Title: Owner/Manager
Sue Sullivan has lived in Parry Sound since 1975 and has owned Jeans Unlimited for 37 years. For 30 years her business was located in the Parry Sound Mall. Seven years ago she moved into the downtown. Sue has always been interested in maintaining a good retail environment for the public. She was a member of the merchant's association in the mall and now has the time to dedicate to the DBA Board. Sue is looking foward to working with her fellow board members as well as the merchants in the downtown. Together we can make the downtown grow and proper.
Name: Cathy Downing Board Position: Director
Representing: New Life Family Health & Fitness Title: Owner
Cathy Downing was born and raised in Parry sound. She has been a teacher as McDougall School since 1990 and is looking foward to her retirement beginning after the end of the school year in 2015. She has owned New Life Family Health & Fitness with her husband since 2003. They purchased the Anchor Inn and renovated the space into a fitness centre as well as 15 renovated apartments. Our downtown is definitely part of what characterizes us as a community and she wants to be a part of the continued growth of the downtown.
Name: Dora Logan Board Position: Director
Representing: The Logan Family Title: Property owner
Dora has lived in Parry Sound for her entire life. Her family owns Logan's Funeral Home and she is currently the owner of many buildings in the downtown. Dora is very passionate about the downtown and has joined the board so she can help make the downtown a vibrant part of our community. Dora says she is a Parry Sound supporter - Let's make it go!
Name: Paul Borneman Board Position: Town Council Rep
Representing: Town of Parry Sound Title: Councillor
Paul has lived in Parry Sound for the past 60 years. He is currently a councillor for Parry Sound and sits on the DBA as the town rep. Paul would like to help make the downtown a friendly more accessible place. He would also like to reduce the number of vacant stores.
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