Parry Sound Downtown Business Association

Election Results

The DBA Election took place on Monday, February 4th from 4-8pm and 64 ballots were cast.

 The results were counted by Rebecca Johnson, Town Clerk and Susan Hrycyna, DBA Executive Administrator on Tuesday, February 5th at 9am.  The ballots were counted twice with the same result.  The number of votes per candidate are as follows:

                Thomas Clark                        56

                Tanis Mack                            53

                Bernice Anderson                  50

                Seanon Megyesi                    51

                Amy Black                            48

                Dan DiNicolo                         35

                Karen Hobson                       35

                Sue Sullivan                          34

                David Coles                           33

                Chris Pettinger                       33

                Cathy Downing                      32


The count ended with a tie for the ninth position between David Coles and Chris Pettinger.  As per the DBA Nomination & Election Policy:

“In the event of a tie for the ninth (9th) board position, a recount of the tied candidates will be held immediately or as soon as is reasonably possible at the discretion of the Executive Administrator. Any such recount will be held in the presence of the Executive Administrator, Town Clerk and/or any other election official as designated by the Town Clerk. If after a recount, the ninth (9th) board position remains tied, the Executive Administrator, in the presence of the Town Clerk, and/or any other election official as designated by the Town Clerk shall choose the successful candidate by a draw.”

 The drawn winner was David Coles.  Therefore the new DBA Board of Directors (pending Council approval at the February 19th meeting) is Thomas, Tanis, Bernice, Seanon, Amy, Karen, Dan, Sue and David.